Have you ever wanted to know about the makeup, hairstyles and fashion looks of the ’60s? Perhaps you would like to revive the style of the sixties for a special occasion?

After more than 36 hours of research, we reveal (with the left) historically accurate visions of the make-up and style of the sixties.

Whether you are interested in consumer fashion or niche hippie flowers, our contribution will satisfy you!

Keep reading about the truly historic makeup, hairstyles and style of the 60’s!

1960s Make-up

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, women were strongly inspired by Hollywood icons Marlene Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. At that time, many women wore a classic cat’s eye with dark, curved eyebrows and a colour that was rounded over the eyelid for definition. While lips became lighter in the 1950s, in the early 1960s there was a trend towards lighter lips1 .

The change in makeup trends has been noticed with new and updated images of cult celebrities from the 50s and 60s. Audrey Hepburn’s makeup has changed slightly between two decades, although her trademark eyes have remained the same. Unlike the spectacular red eyebrows and lips of the 1950s, Hepburn had thinner, lighter eyebrows and wore light pink on his lip2 until the early 1960s.

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

In the 1960s different styles of make-up and subculture began to emerge.

60s makeup formodels

When you think of the ’60s makeup, you probably think of the fashionable look. The fashion style was captured by an intense make-up application, with an emphasis on young, round and expressive eyes. The changes originated in London and quickly spread to the United States due to the growing worldwide popularity of Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick.3.

Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton popularized the youthful model of streamlined, dramatic eyes with full, spiky lashes and light, fluffy lips in the mid-1960s1.

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

The power of the colours of hippies

The hippie movement began in the late 1950s and early 1960s, but gained popularity in the mid 1960s (especially in 1966-67) and the marketing of hippie makeup only really took off in the 1970s.4 The hippie makeup movement began in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

The fashion trend was quite light, but hippies kept it more natural when it came to actual makeup, but often used the colour of face and body.3

That’s what it looks like: Look at our collapse of the legendary grunge of the ’90s!

Just like the previous beatniks, many hippie women in the sixties wore no makeup at all. Faces were mainly drawn at concerts (like now in Glastonbury or Coachella). Inspired by the fashion trend, some hippies decided to wear a lot of ink. Hippies sometimes drew a third eye to their foreheads, as a nod to Eastern religions5 .

As in the 1920s, make-up was often regarded as an application, and again within the feminist movement there were different views on the use of cosmetics. Some feminists saw makeup as a means of oppression, while others believed that the sharp fashion and hippie look symbolised a break with the rigid roles women should have played in their mother’s generations.3 In some cases, women’s makeup was used as a means of oppression, while in other cases it was seen as a way to break with the rigid roles women should have played in their mother’s generations.

: the price ofin the line of sight

In the sixties, the eyes were at the centre of make-up. This look consisted of heavy false eyelashes, a thick eyeliner and the effect of an eye shadow6 .

There you can use a lot (for your eyes), eye shadow, eyeliner and eyelashes – even false eyebrows, I think – as long as you master the art of applying and holding it – Mary Quantum4.

Eye pencil and eyeshadow

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

Eye make-up was strongly influenced by the famous flycatcher Greta Garbo in the 1960s.2

The fashion has applied spectacular eyeliner to both the upper and lower eyelids7 .

Eye shadows have been skilfully used to create a contrasting contour in the eye socket. This was usually a light shade on the eyelid and under the eyebrows, with a much darker shade just above the wrinkle.7

Cutting wrinkles Inspired by the 1960s

The idea of blending shades actually only originated in the 1960s. Only blue and green shadows were common in the same compact version, and in the past they were rarely mixed in front of the eyes2.

Modes often added a dark brown colour to the wrinkle around the eye socket, with a lighter white colour on the eyelid and under the forehead6 .

Since 1965, however, the use of coloured eye shadows on the eyelid has become much more common2.

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

Elizabeth Taylor’s dramatic look in Cleopatra’s film (1963) showed a blue shadow all over the lid, which was more suited to the makeup of the 1960s – not a real Egyptian painting2.

During the filming Taylor was spectacularly invented, which helps to inspire the trend to wear the sixtieth pivot on Egyptian eye make-up. Around the same time, Revlon created a mini trio of eye shadows inspired by a new trend from Cleopatra2.

Today there are about 40 types of false eyelashes (Vogue, 1966)4 .

Eyelash strap

In the 1960s, women were largely inspired by the trembling false eyelashes of celebrities in the 1930s2.

Dramatic eyelashes were mandatory for the trendy look. The lower lashes, painted in the lower half of the century, were named Twiggies after a young model that made this unique appearance famous.4

Did you know about this? Mascara was first introduced to the market in the sixties. Women used to have to dip a small wet brush in powder and paint on their eyelashes!

Women used heavy false eyelashes to create a youthful, absurd look that Twigson blew up in the 1960s4.

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

Jane Shrimpton talked about the difficulty of getting heavy eyelashes with false eyelashes and complained about leaving a disgusting sticky white trace of glue on the eyelid, which was torture to tear it off 4.

Mary Quant invented waterproof mascara as a practical product for active women to help them walk in the rain without having to grease their makeup8.


While clearly defined eyebrows were the hallmark of the 1950s, women in the 1960s experimented with new eyebrow shapes and styles. Although some people hold their naturally thick eyebrows, others shave their eyebrows completely and draw them in with an eyebrow pencil. The bravest young women used coloured pencils in their eyebrows and added gems, feathers or glitter9 .

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

Many women added eyebrow powder, which was often too dark for their natural eyebrows6.

That’s what it looks like: Take a closer look at our Greek goddess of make-up and stylistic inconsistency!

Lower lips

The pale, matt (not too shiny) colour of the lipstick was the latest fashion in the 1960s4 . 6 7.

The young Mods really loved white lipstick. The translucent pink lip gloss was a bestseller at the time4.

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion Claudine Longett

Titanium has been added to the lipsticks to give them an iridescent look. The metallic look fits well with the stage image in the room (silver trousers, view of mail) of French designers Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin. Revlon created Moon Drops Lipstick to keep the high-fashion metallic look within budget.4

Facial make-up from the 1960s

Blush was not the focus of fashion, and many women chose to completely get rid of blush and leave the surface of the canvas pretty empty. However, Mary Quant has added the Baby Blush.8 Red to her famous 60’s makeup collection.

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

However, many styles have used shadow powder to create thinner hollow cheeks3. 6.

In most cases the women wore a pale clay color all over their face and lips. The primer was matt in the finish and sometimes slightly tanned to compensate for the lack of red10.

Above the hair

Straight hair was styled, whether long or bean-shaped, like in the 1920s. She seemed pretty simple at the time. The hippies would hold him for a long time without doing anything else.10

Mary Quant, however, helped to inspire a shorter hairstyle later, after meeting hairdresser Vidal Sassoun, who created his famous 5-point hairstyle8.

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

Most women scratch their hair back and roll it into a bun. Shiny hairstyles were also fashionable – the hair was wiped and styled on the head, sometimes in curls or with accessories such as barrels or ribbons10 .

Women would laugh at the hair to make it look bigger, and then add a toupee to decorate it.6

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

From the late 1950s to the early 1960s the hair was combed from the beehive. It was called B-52, after the nose of a light bulb on a certain B-52 bomber. A hairdryer with a hood was used to create the image after applying round rolls to the hair.4

Thanks to the reversed connection, a volumetric effect is obtained and it is installed with hairspray. Since the mid-60s, wigs have had a makeover. Women used them to completely change their appearance4.

In one of the articles that appeared in the Daily Express in 1966, Smoochy, a silver-gray wig that covered half a woman’s face and was described as specially designed for people who were not so beautiful, was advertised 4.

Exciting new cosmetic products for young people in the 1960s

With the economic boom, Britain has reached full employment for teenagers and young women now have money to spend on cosmetics. The market has reacted with cosmetic products for the younger generation2 .

In the mid-sixties, coloured eye shadow was dominant. Gala created a palette called Eye Palette of Peak and Paint, which was similar to the artist’s palette and contained an eyeliner, two brushes and four shadows. Like the fun packaging we see in Korean beauty care today, the packaging is designed to let young women have fun and enjoy using their makeup products2.

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

Mary Quantum, known for her popularity of miniskirts, launched her cosmetic line in 1966. The make-up line, which took 18 months to develop, was revolutionary. Quantum himself wrote that people were stunned by the appearance of the entire Mark 2.

Many things have been revolutionary: the colors of the make-up and the language of the product names on the cheek (very similar to today’s beneficial cosmetics), to name but a few. The black and white plastic packaging with cool colours on the front was a complete break with the luxury and mature packaging of the last decades2.

Moreover, the marking, for example with billboards with women’s faces, was different from what had happened before. The line was launched and soon Mary Quant Cosmetics was sold worldwide2.

Quantum wanted his line to replace those fake French names sold by middle-aged Harridans. Mary Quant cosmetics had to be sold by girls in miniskirts that looked like supermodels or dashing young men in jeans. 2.

Some of their cheeky product names were Jeepers Peepers eye shadow, Starkers foundation and Return Lash lash mascara.2

The Quantum line was best known for its pencils (yes – a real box of crayons). By deviating sharply from the typical brush and pot, tin women learned to paint a flower anywhere on their face or body with crayons (this was clearly aimed at flowers with a hippie impulse).2 3.

Mary Quantum said her own lipstick was the symbol of a new and young career woman, and they saw them together in restaurants. It was like a club membership. 2

Fashion and Cosmetic Icons of the 1960s: Branch

The Twiggy icon and fashion model were known for their thin frame, big eyes, dark makeup with big spider eyelashes and Twiggy eyelashes painted in early childhood.

Twiggy was the face of Yardley’s eye makeup line. The line consisted of compact eyelashes with black and white shadows and false eyelashes, called Twiggy eyelashes, which were published in 1967. 2.

Braided eyelashes are made from natural European hair.4

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion Injected Cone Eye

His most emblematic photographs, taken by Barry Lategan, were described by a fashion reporter for the Daily Express2 as the face of 1966.

Lategan described Twiggy at a photo shoot: Twiggy came in with her haircut and lower lashes painted on her face, she sat in front of my camera and was beautiful. 2.

As usual in those days, Twiggy put on makeup for the photo shoot. It has a fashionable and intense look with a white eye shadow and graphic eyeliner directly above the eye socket (instead of the contour) and an eye pad also along the lash line. The lips were kept completely bare, with the typical fashionable tone of lipstick2.

A symbolic element of Twiggy’s appearance was the lashes drawn on the lower eyelid. Lisa Eldridge takes notes in Face Paint: The make-up story that Biba’s founder, Barbara Hulanicki, told him was unique to Twiggy2 at the time.

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

Swinging Sixties Mode


Giving up the popularity of the curves in the 1950s and 1960s was embodied in the attempt to achieve slenderness, in which women were inspired by Twiggy’s masculine silhouette.4 The desire to appear slimmer and boyish is reflected in the straight and downward cut of the clothing and the streamlined bones of the dry cheeks.

Twiggy, a dick with a thousand shapes on her face And she’s only 16 years old. (Daley Express, 1966)4

Like make-up, clothing was also sold on a large scale to the youth community in the 1960s. 50% of all clothing sold in the UK until 1965 was bought by young people aged 15-19. American teenagers spent more than $3.5 billion on clothing in 1965.4

Fashion wore funny young clothes like miniskirts, jeans with a bell on the buttocks, boots, pants, and she loved dramatic psychedelic prints.

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

A chiffon tent dress was often associated with visible tights underneath. 11

PVC was a widely used material for clothing – from hats to minidresses. The women also wore a lot of plastic in their accessories – large, stocky, brightly coloured jewellery was associated with every outfit the boy wore.11

In the mid 1960s, white boots (called go-go boots) in combination with miniskirts and mini-boots were very popular11 .

Mary Quantum | Defining fashion in the 1960s

Fashion designer and icon Mary Quant wanted to create an affordable line of make-up and clothing for a young woman8 .

Novelty is often described as vulgar by people who are afraid of change. I have shown that from now on fashion will be mass-produced, that the future does not lie in the laborious hand embroidery that is characteristic of sewing. – Mary Quantum8

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

Mary Quantum promoted the miniskirt (although it is doubtful whether she invented it or not) and even received the Order of the British Empire from the Queen of England for her fashion innovations. She was the first British fashion icon to receive this honour8 .

Did you know about this? Miniskirts were accused of a lack of morality in the 60’s, and were even accused of causing traffic accidents because the drivers didn’t follow the road!

Quantum invented tights to cheer J.C. up. Penny so they fit into miniskirts and dresses. 8.

In an interview for The Guardian (1967), Mary Quant described the stool as the most important fashion item of the time. Because the skirts are so small now, the stockings and belts had to be replaced by long stockings. Otherwise, braces may appear at unfavourable angles4.

She also asked for a bra with a more natural effect that makes women feel homeless8.

Mary Quantum also created the concept of combining nail polish with clothing instead of lipstick paint11 .

Peter Pan Quant’s collar was very popular for jazz on a normal sweater.8

Her range is inspired by the clothes that her young friends like to wear (tunic dresses, hipsters and panties (knee-length trousers))8 .

I wanted to make dresses where you can move, skirts where you can walk and dance – Mary Quant 8.


Although the hippies looked quite rebellious, the female hippies wore long hair and usually tied it to their ponytail and with a bandana. Hippies often wore handmade jewelry and loved Native American jewelry (or just something from the non-dominant American culture)!

They are also decorated with false tattoos, love pen tokens, homemade earrings, snake bracelets and charm bracelets (often with zodiac mascots). Many hippies were fond of beetles (amulets), whose origins go back to ancient Egypt5 .

1960s Makeup, Hair, And Fashion

When it comes to clothing, hippies often prefer low-cut tops and sometimes show their bellies – especially when they decorate the umbilical region. Female hippies sometimes wore work shirts designed for men and often added their own achievements and designs to normal shirts to express their individuality5 .

They also wore theatre belts and many women wore men’s jeans, especially because women’s jeans were hard to find in the late 1960s.5 At the end of the 1960s, women’s jeans were also available in various styles.

Hippies also wore pedal drivers, psychedelic miniskirts, tie shirts, colorful leggings and often walked barefoot. It’s a little surprising that a lot of hippies Edwardian and Victoria play in second hand games.5


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