Are you looking for a better base to hide your large pores?

I know from experience that it is very frustrating to waste 50 dollars on a tonal basis just to make it look BAD!

So I spent more than 25 hours researching and compiling this list of remedies that *really* help minimize the appearance of pores.

Most of the soils on this list are specially designed to minimize large pores, and they have all received excellent feedback from customers who say they have trouble hiding their large pores!

I’ve also provided a selection of soils with excellent ingredients so they don’t clog pores. I’ve also taken care to avoid ultra-dry paints that reflect light and draw more attention to large pores and other skin problems.

Read on to find the best base for your large pores! 0VPEY

To see this POREFECTION LORACK Foundation on the Amazon, click here.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Excellent customer feedback on pore coverage

oil, parabens, clayovina, alcohol, PEG and odour free

Anti-ageing and nutritional ingredients

Medium and full coverage

Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Poor Shadow Zone

The LORAC POREFection Foundation is at the top of the list because it is specifically designed to reduce enlarged pores, is suitable for all skin types, has an impressive customer response (especially with regard to pore coating) and offers anti-aging benefits!

Non-porous looking skin with non-greasy formula

As the name suggests, LORAC promises smooth, even skin with a smooth surface when you use this foundation. Ideal for all skin types (including sensitive skin). The POREfection tonic has average and full coverage.

It is not only free of oil, but also free of parabens, alcohol, allergens, gluten, sulphate, PEG and flavourings.  There are some comedogenic ingredients, but much less than the average base.

This fund also includes an SPF 20 (UVA and UVB), which provides some protection against the sun.

Anti-ageing and nourishing ingredients for skin care

POREfection is ideal for mature skin and contains a number of anti-ageing ingredients (vitamins A and E) to keep your skin young. In addition, the addition of lemon, papaya and olive blue extracts nourishes, soothes and rejuvenates the skin and gives it a healthy and radiant appearance.

This formula is best applied with a sponge or cream brush for a seamless, even look.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Overall feedback very impressive

Many reviewers say this is the best basis they have ever used. Customers love the way it mixes with their skin. One of them said that they had tried more than 10 different foundations, and that this POREFECIA formula was the best so far.

Others think it’s not difficult for the skin – you hardly notice it during the day.

One customer even said it was better than more expensive brands like Chanel, Dior and Bare Minerals.

Many say it has a nice smooth finish and helps to reduce or hide the appearance of your pores, especially if you use a beauty blender (your pores will almost disappear, even on your nose)! It doesn’t clog the pores either. However, a small minority felt that this did not work for them.

The oil-free formula is not only ideal for oily skin and large pores, but also for many customers with dry and sensitive skin. Absolutely versatile!

A good thing is that this pore flag fund works so well for adult women in their thirties and forties, and even women in their fifties say they are really impressed. Anti-ageing ingredients are not harmful to young customers!

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Want an oil-free foundation, specially formulated to hide large pores, with anti-aging and nourishing ingredients, great customer feedback, that works on virtually all skin types? LORAC POREfection is a great option for you!

To see the current price of this PORESECTION LAURANCH fund on the Amazon, click here

#2. Reflection of the Lorak Foundation shield (best lightweight)

Best Foundation For Large Pores

See this Lorak Shir POREFECTION Foundation in Amazonia.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Designed to blur large pores.

Easy to detect and full or average coverage

anti-ageing benefits

Free of harmful ingredients and only one potentially comedogenic ingredient

Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Short range of shadows

LORAC Sheer Porefection cream is the number one clay cream among sister creams. It won second place because it is just as effective in making the skin pore-free, but with a lighter finish and even easier to handle!

fades large pores with a feeling of lightness during the day

Like the usual POREfection foundation, Lorac’s Sheer Porefection foundation is specially designed to guide and conceal large pores and give a smoother, more supple skin texture and tone. Unlike the usual version of POREfection, this Sheer version offers clean to medium coverage for a lighter skin sensation.

In addition, this POREfection Foundation is free of oil, alcohol, gluten, parabens, sulphates, perfumes and PEG. It contains even less comedogenic ingredients than the conventional version of POREfection Foundation, which has a higher coating content (only butylene glycol), so it is very unlikely that your pores will clog.

LORAC promises that the skin will look and feel smoother than natural.

Anti-aging agents without SPF (good for photography)

Like the classic POREfection, this lighter version of the upholstery is ideal for adult leather. Vitamins A and E have a rejuvenating effect, and papaya extract, lemon extract and olive leaf extract help to rejuvenate the skin and give it a beautiful, radiant, youthful and soft appearance.

This version does not contain SPF, so it is a good option if you are worried about a photo flash.

LORAC recommends the use of a brush or sponge for this light version, but it is said that the fingers can work just as well.

Tip: Facial steamers often have a cool mist function to close the pores after the face has evaporated!

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Thecustomer feedback is just as impressive as that of thePOREFECTION regular fund.

Customers say it’s the perfect base if you don’t like wearing it – some say they forget they have it all day!

Most importantly, tests confirm that it effectively covers and conceals pores.

It is good for sensitive skin and has no noticeable odor.

According to many critics, this Sheer POREFection formula resembles a much finer version of the Lorac Natural Performance Foundation, which has been abandoned.

Although it is not the most accessible fund on the market, a small amount is needed and the bottle is enough forever.

An observer enjoys the fact that the packaging pushes all the product upwards, so that every drop can be collected and no product is wasted.

While lighter shades are light enough for very light skin without oxidation, the color palette itself is poor and does not satisfy people with darker complexions.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

You like the sound of LORAC POREFection, but want something with less coverage and a lighter feel throughout the day? This simple version is perfect for you! It offers the same minimal pore effect for all skin types, with the same anti-aging and nourishing ingredients, it’s just a finer formula!

Check out the current LORAC Foundation’s award for pore-prevention here in the Amazon.

#3. Dr. Jart Dis-A-Pore Beauty Balm (best for oily skin)

  • 2 colour shades (light-medium and medium-low)
  •  1.69 ounces

Best Foundation For Large Pores

SPF 50+ sun protection

anti-ageing benefits

Paraben-free and allergen-free.

Light but medium weight – full coverage (mounting possible)

Ideal for oily and combination skin.

Minimizes pores and gloss control.

Universal – Use as undercoat, sunscreen or primer

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Only 2 shades

Dr. JART’s DIS-A-PORE won our third place because it is also specially designed to hide large pores, provides sun protection for SPF 50+ and even reduces the signs of aging!

High Coating Mat BB cream finish, designed to blend large pores and imperfections.

Dr. Cream. The DIS-A-PORE BB Jart is specially designed to reduce pores, fade imperfections and give the skin a soft and even complexion. This versatile cream is ideal to use as a suntan lotion or as a primer for applying the foundation.

Despite its ultra-light weight, this BB cream fully covers pigmentation spots, fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, skin imperfections and redness. As the name suggests, it also includes large pores.

Unlike most other BB creams, this Dr. Cream mineralizes porn. The Jart is specially designed so that the typical BB cream does not get a grey tint.

SPF 50 | Anti-Aging | Without the most harmful ingredients

This BB cream also prevents the loss of fat and elasticity and even offers a strong broad spectrum SPF 50+ (UVA and UVB) to protect the skin in the sun.

This bb cream is ideal for combination and oily skin. It combines okra extract with putty and non-nanoscopic powder particles to control oil production throughout the day. These ingredients also smooth the skin and help reduce the signs of aging.

Although DIS-A-PORE BB contains some comedogenic ingredients (like most foundations), it does not contain many harmful additives such as parabens, gluten, PEG, formaldehyde, mineral oil and allergens.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Most reviews are very impressive

According to one of the reviewers, the cream offers excellent average coverage for BB Cream (even better than Dr. Jart’s other BB Creams), you don’t even need a concealer, but it still looks natural and feels light on the skin all day long.

More than one customer confirmed that it really helps to reduce huge pores.

Others find that it does not clog the pores like other soils and that it allows very good control of the oil throughout the day.

Many critics say that this BB cream gives their skin a flawless appearance and stays on all day.

Another customer says it looks like a BB Dr. Jart Silver Label cream that has been discontinued – just add an extra layer of Dis-A-Pore to get similar coverage.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Fighting very oily skin and dilated pores? This Dr. Jart Dis-A-Pore BB Cream provides excellent oil control throughout the day, has a soft, matte finish and also helps eliminate large pores and provides an anti-aging effect! Ideal for oily skin.

See the BB DIS-A-PORE cream on Dr. Victoria’s official website. Here, the dart (Free delivery for all orders)

Look at this DIS-A-PORE BB cream at Amazon here.

Click here for this BB cream on Sephora

No 4: Bellapierre Mineral powder Foundation

Best Foundation For Large Pores

See this Bellapier powder foundation for large pores here on the Amazon.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Non-comedogenic and only 4 ingredients

Perfect for acne-prone skin.

Medium and full coverage

Minimize the pores, but a little refreshing…

Easy to feel

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Color adjustment

The Bellapierre Foundation is fourth on your list because it contains only four ingredients (it doesn’t clog pores), and many critics say it also helps to minimize large pores!

Only 4 ingredients | no clogged pores and helps reduce their appearance

This tinted product based on a mineral powder covers several layers of the skin at the same time. Although it is a non-toxic and non-comedogenic fund (it contains only 4 ingredients), customers’ comments suggest that it does not increase pores either!

Thanks to a short list of ingredients, this mineral powder tinted cream will not clog or accentuate your pores, or aggravate the condition of pimples (or other skin problems). In addition, the medium and full coverage is ideal for hiding any dangerous places.

Authority to check packaging to reduce message

The packaging has a lid with small holes that can be twisted to open and release a small quantity of the product. This way you avoid spreading powder everywhere and destroying the table or the make-up kit if you rush in the morning!

Although the color palette is not surprising (and it can be difficult to find a color), bellapierre offers a wider color palette than most other pormimetic soils on the market.

It contains an SPF 15, but it doesn’t protect your skin from the sun all day long.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Overall, customer feedback is very impressive

Many customers choose this fund because it does not clog pores, but many reviewers have also noticed that it does not focus on large pores!

Although pore minimization is not even an enumeration of the advantages of this fund by the manufacturer, it is a great added value!

Critics say that it builds up on the skin, but that in the end it doesn’t freeze or feel heavy. It’s not the cheapest fund, but a jar of product that will last forever.

Others say it works especially well on oily skin (a type of skin that often struggles with large pores), but some people also like the formula for dry skin.

The color tones are more on the yellow side than on the pink side. Although the colour range is wider than that of other backgrounds, it can be difficult to achieve the perfect combination.

Many magazines report that it is similar to naked minerals, although some say it is not so good.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Do you want a powder base that reduces the appearance of your large pores? We strongly recommend Bellapierre mineral powder base. This mineralizing porno foundation consists of only four ingredients and will not clog your pores!

Moreover, it does not exacerbate existing skin problems and provides medium to full coverage to hide existing imperfections.

See here the Bellapier Foundation for the mineral powder on the Amazon.

#5. Fund for mineral liquid powders (best budget)

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Check out the Mineral Liquid Powder Fund here in the Amazon.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Free and excellent oil for oily skins

Micro-diffusers help to blur the pores.


Very suitable for sensitive skin

Customers confirm that it minimizes pores.

Medium and full, but simple coverage

Best Foundation For Large Pores

No surf

It’s hard to overshadow the game.

This unmarked liquid mineral powder foundation takes our last place as it is a great option for fading the pores around the house!

Micro Fuzzy pore atomizers and multi-mineral formula for oil and gloss control

This oil-free mineral fund, which has a large budget, is specially designed for people with oiled T-zones and large pores.

The unique multimineral formula provides a gentle application to the skin, which dries to a powder to maintain shine. Micro-diffusers help fade large pores and other skin textures and imperfections to give the skin an airy appearance.

This unmarked cream with liquid toner is suitable for all skin types, but is most suitable for people with oily and combination skin. It also contains antioxidant protection for sensitive skin. The coating can be medium to complete, making it ideal for people with many disadvantages to cover.

Soothing and healing for acne-prone skin,

Although it contains some sun protection (UVA and UVB), SPF 15 is not enough to provide long-term sun protection for your skin.

Although this mineral fund is not fully comedogenic and inactive, it is free of many harmful ingredients. This DPP mineral formula contains no PEG, no alcohol, no gluten, no allergens, no synthetic taste and no sulphates. It also contains soothing and healing additives that are particularly suitable for people with a tendency to acne.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Feedback made a big impression in general

More than one customer said it was the best foundation they ever used and they can’t believe how cheap it was.

Several experts confirm that this foundation really helps to obscure large pores and not clog them! The liquid mineral powder gives your skin a beautiful matt look.

Most people agree that it’s good for acne-prone skin – it doesn’t seem to promote redness and also provides good coverage for blemishes.

This formula is very light throughout the day and you don’t even notice that it’s composed.

Although it focuses mainly on oily skin types, some dry skin experts have said that they also like it.

However, it can be difficult to choose a shade that is only in line with the sample, and not all customers are satisfied with the match between the shades.

Best Foundation For Large Pores

Do you want a fund to help you hide those big pores in your house? This unbranded mining fund is a good choice if you don’t want to go bankrupt! Customers confirm that it covers very large pores and helps to cover pimples without igniting the skin!

Click here to view the current price of this Mineral Powder Rental Rights Fund at Amazon.

Which type of fund is most suitable for large pores?

Modern makeup is all about looks, but dewbases can accentuate large pores because they are designed to reflect light, and this will draw attention to your pores. In general, a matte or naturally satin undercoat is the best option if you want to reduce the appearance of large pores.

Mineral powders and shades tend to work well on large pores because they are generally less hard on the skin and contain less common ingredients that clog the pores and make them look even bigger!

How to reduce the appearance of large ports

To reduce the appearance of large pores, check your daily skin care and makeup:

  • Do you use products whose tones of comedogenic ingredients clog your pores and make them look even bigger?
  • If you only clean once a day, try cleaning twice a day and twice a night. Consider adding a facial brush to your routine.
  • Apply sunscreen several times a week and do a peeling.
  • Consider adding acne-fighting ingredients to your skin care routine.
  • If you have mature skin, try a retinol-based product to reduce the signs of aging.
  • If you are considering investing in a microdermabrasion tool or a microcurrent device, if you want to reduce the appearance of your large pores and improve skin texture in general.

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