Looking for the best nail shape for your hand? There are many different options available, which can make it a little difficult to find the one that fits your hands best. This article will help you learn more about the different nail shapes and trends and some of the best nail shapes for different types of hands.

Best Nail Shape For Your Hand, That You Should Use Everyday!

Why the shape of the nail?.

For many reasons it is important to emphasize the shape of the nails. Not only will they help you determine your style, but they will usually be the center of your attention. Therefore, the use of deformed nails can make your fingers look strange. It can also take away your style, as the shape may not fit the design well.

Finding the right nail shape for your hand

There are several ways to find the right nail shape for your hand. Here are some tips you can follow to make sure you do.

Consider the length and width of your fingers.

The best way to find the right shape for your fingernail is to consider the length and width of your fingers. If, for example, you have very long fingers, the square shape is ideal because the length is easy to see. On the other hand, if you have thick fingers, the oval shape would be very useful because it would make your fingers look a little longer. This also applies to the width of your fingers.

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Nail polish to be used.

Another point to consider is the color of the nail polish you want to use. Sometimes certain colors don’t look good on certain nail shapes. If you want to wear metal or bright colors, classic nail shapes such as square and oval are probably the best choice. However, if you want to use a dark nail polish, a longer nail shape may be ideal.

Your style

You should also keep your style in mind when trying to find the best nail shape for your hand. If you plan to wear classic or elegant clothing, the almond or square shape of the nails is best. For those who intend to wear trendy and modern clothing, more creative forms such as the ballerina and the stiletto heel are best suited.

Types of nail shapes: Traditional options

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There are many types of nail shapes to choose from. Below is a list of the most common forms.


The oval shape of the nails is ideal for people with short fingers because it makes them narrower.


Square nails – classic and conservative look. They are ideal for narrow fingers because they help to align them.


The shape of the square nail is a mixture of oval and square shapes, hence the name. The nail is square up to the rounded point. This nail shape is not sharp and easy to clean.


This unique nail shape has a very long nail with a rounded edge. It makes the short fingers look longer.


Around the nail is a classic shape, which is very simple and easy to create and maintain.


This new nail shape is a very fashionable variant that is considered a softer variant of the heel shape. A ballerina is a mediocre nail that folds inwards.


One of today’s newest nail shapes is the stiletto. This nail, named after a cult shoe, is very long and pointed, but allows you to be creative after his creation.

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Trends in nail shape

Although the classic nail shapes, as mentioned above, are most commonly used, there are many unique trends in the nail shape that should also be taken into account. Below are some of the most recent.

Incandescent bulbs

Recently, lacquered nails have regained their freshness thanks to their unique appearance. The glued nail, also known as a duck nail, protrudes about an inch from the skin and flashes to the side. Exposed nails are best suited for acrylic nail moulds or gel paint.

Sharp nails

Just like nails, pointed nails are slightly less sharp. They are usually square in shape and are then slightly trimmed at the top to accentuate the effect. Sharpened nails are best used with acrylic nails as they are generally more durable with this type of nail.

Lipstick nails

Lipstick nails look like their name says: a piece of lipstick that sags when you pull it out of the tube. They protrude about half a centimetre outside the nail bed and are then cut to have a diagonal slope.

Arrowhead nails

Arrowheads look like pointed nails, but are less pointed. This makes them ideal for those who want a sharp nail, but in a softer shape.

Best nail shapes for different kinds of hands

Better nail shape for long fingers

For people with long fingers, some nail shapes should be considered square, rectangular and almond-shaped. You can decorate your nails with bold patterns, because they are well suited for these shapes.

Better nail shape for oily fingers

If your fingers are thick, you should look at the shape of the nails, like a ballerina, stiletto heel or almond. One of the design possibilities that can be used with the ballerina style is the shadow effect, where a uniform colour on each nail fades to a lighter shade.

Better nail shape for large hands

For large hands it can sometimes be a little difficult to find the perfect shape for a nail, but there are three ways to try: oval, round and square. Shiny nails are one of the fashionable oval shapes for large hands. You can paint the nails with glitter in different colors or you can create a unique effect by painting a single nail with glitter.

Better nail shape for chubby fingers

If you have chubby fingers, consider using oval, almond-shaped or round nails.

If you plan to use round nails, you can go for a classic look with a lacquered nail in the same solid color. Round nails are also ideal for the French manicurist, who is always elegant.

Best form of short nail

Short fingers are often best with almond-shaped, oval and round nails. For short almond-shaped nails, consider drawing a different pattern on each finger. This can give your nails a unique look and at the same time give you the opportunity to be creative.

Best shape for natural nails

For those who want to preserve their natural nails, there are three factors to take into account: Oval, dazzling and with cleats. The oval shape of the nails is especially ideal for natural nails because it gives your hands a simple but elegant appearance and comfortable care.


It shouldn’t be difficult to find the optimal nail shape for your hand type. If you pay attention to a few things, such as length and width, you can be sure to make beautiful nails for your hands.

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