Brooks Brothers is a privately held company known as the oldest men’s clothing store in the United States. Brooks Brothers was founded in 1818 by Henry Sands Brooks and is currently headquartered on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York. Brooks Brothers was originally only a men’s clothing company, but more recently the company has added a large collection of casual clothing for women. In this post, I’ll introduce you to some great clothing stores like Brooks Brothers. Some are cheaper, but the price range of other clothing stores is similar to Brooks Brothers.

Stores Like Brooks Brothers : Best Alternative Brands 2021

top 10 list of stores like Brooks Brothers

Charles Tyrwhitt > #1 on brands like Brooks Brothers.

Charles Trywhitt was founded in 1986. The company is a privately owned retailer specializing in formal shirts, suits, knitwear, shoes and accessories for men. In recent years, Charles Thirwitt has also added a full line of women’s leisurewear to his portfolio. The price range and quality of items at Charles Tirwhitt are comparable to those at Brooks Brother.

Jos. A. Bank > #2, like Brooks Brothers, but cheap.

Known for its cheap men’s suits, JoS. A. Bank (originally Joseph A. Bank) is a subsidiary of Men’s Wearhouse. The company was founded in 1905 and is currently headquartered in Hampstead, Maryland, USA. Jos. A. The Bank has more than 800 branches nationwide. In 2015, Cyril. A. The bank earned nearly $1.5 billion.

J. Click > #3, high quality formal wear for men.

Press is a well-known menswear retailer in the United States. The company was founded in 1902 and is now headquartered in J. Press, New York. J. Press is the first American brand to be licensed in Japan. If you’re looking for an alternative to Brooks Brothers, which specializes in top-of-the-line formal wear, you’ll definitely fall in love with J. Presse.

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Ralph Lauren > #4, world famous fashion brand

Ralph Lauren is known as one of the most successful design brands of all time in the global fashion industry. Ralph Lauren is known for its luxurious clothing, perfumes and accessories for men, women and children. The company also offers a wide range of high quality furniture for the home. Ralph Lauren Corporation is a publicly traded company headquartered in New York, USA, founded in 1967.

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J Crew > #5 in stores as Brooks Brothers

J Crew is one of America’s largest sellers of quality clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and children. J Crew was founded in 1983 by Emily Scott. J Crew is headquartered in New York, USA. The price range of clothing and shoes in this store makes it cheaper than Brooks Brothers. But I assure you that the quality of the products at J Crew will never disappoint you.

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LL Bob > #6 > High quality clothing and footwear

LL Bean is a well-known American retailer of apparel, footwear, outdoor gear and more. The company delivers its products to more than 100 countries around the world. LL Bean was founded in 1912. LL Bean is currently headquartered in Freeport, Maine, USA.

Stores Like Brooks Brothers : Best Alternative Brands 2021

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End of the Earth > #7 > Good quality, fair price

Lands’ End is a good alternative to Brooks Brothers, specialising in men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and footwear. Other popular categories at Lands’ End include home decor, beach towels, hats and school uniforms. Lands’ End has been headquartered in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, USA since 1963. In addition to its stores in the United States, Lands’ End also operates several stores in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, France and Austria.

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Eddie Bauer > #8 > Brooks Brothers cheap alternative

Eddie Bauer guarantees 100% satisfaction on the entire range, which includes men’s and women’s outerwear, apparel, footwear and equipment. Eddie Bauer was founded in 1920 and is currently headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. Eddie Bauer has hundreds of stores, primarily in the United States, Canada, Germany and Japan.

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Nordstrom > #9 > High-end clothing, footwear and jewellery

Nordstrom is a popular American retail chain specializing in high-end clothing, footwear, jewelry and home goods. Nordstrom, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, was founded in 1901. Nordstrom currently operates 118 stores in the United States. In 2015 alone, Nordstrom generated more than $14.5 billion in annual sales.

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Hickey Freeman > #10 in stores like Brooks Brothers.

If you’re looking for a quality alternative to Brooks Brothers, which specializes in men’s and boys’ clothing, check out Hickey Freeman. The company was founded in 1899 in New York. Hickey Freeman is known as one of the top manufacturers of suits, sport coats and formal trousers in the United States.

Have you tried any of these Brooks Brothers alternatives? Or do you know other brands or clothing stores like Brooks Brothers? Share your experience in the comments section below this article.

frequently asked questions

Who are Brooks Brothers’ competitors?

Brooks Brothers’ eight biggest competitors are Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue, Calvin Klein, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Barneys New York.

Will Brooks Brothers go bankrupt?

Brooks Brothers bankrupted a button-down dress.

Is Brooks Brothers of high quality?

As with many clothing brands, the overall quality of Brooks Brothers clothing has declined somewhat over time, but the quality standards were higher in the past. If you happen to find Brooks Brothers products in good condition in vintage stores, don’t hesitate to buy them.

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