Have you just decided to work out at Planet Fitness?

An excellent choice, because Planet Fitness is one of the best fitness options available today. The next step is to find a first program that can build your confidence and help you get used to it if you do it right. To help you with this task, we give you a quick overview of all Planet Fitness equipment and a recommended first level training program in Planet Fitness.

Role of training facilities in route selection

Knowing what equipment the gym has is the first thing you need to know before you start planning what to do there.

Why is that?

Remember this simple fact: Different machines lead to different results. The choice of training programme and appropriate equipment plays an important role in achieving training objectives and improving training results.

However, not all courses are the same.

So you have to determine the final objectives of the course. Keep asking yourself that question: Why am I doing this? Also be realistic about your level of weight training to make sure you choose the most appropriate machines and modes. The best gyms should ensure that they offer a wide range of training equipment for all types of workouts. Let’s take a look at the types of equipment available at Planet Fitness to see if they’re right for you.

Planetary fitness equipment

What is The Best Beginning Training Routine with Planet Fitness Equipment?

Stationary machines

You will easily notice these machines in the Circuit Training section. At the same time, they are mainly designed for a large group of muscles such as the press, thighs or shoulders. The main advantage of this method is that unnecessary tension in other parts of the body is avoided. This is achieved by concentrating on a single muscle group and ignoring other movements. They are especially useful for beginners, who often don’t even know which exercises they want to do. In addition, stationary machines reduce the risk of injury when trying to target a specific muscle group.

Free weighing equipment

On the sides of Planet Fitness gyms you can place dumbbells and bars on racks in front of large mirrors. Free weights differ from conventional training equipment in the sense that they are small and not stuck anywhere. Although, depending on your routine, they usually target more than one muscle group. They enable complex movements – ideal for strengthening both the core and the total force.

Cable machines

This is the type of machine that lies between stationary machines and free loads. Cable machines always offer a sense of structure and at the same time greater freedom of action. Listeners with a medium level of difficulty – who have learned a few basic techniques but still don’t like to train freely – will have a lot of fun.

Forging machines

You put the bar – a kind of free weight – in a stationary plane. This mechanism will help students to improve muscle balance and stability while achieving better muscle isolation, as is the case with a stationary simulator. It is an excellent alternative to many exercises such as squatting, shoulder and bench presses. Smith machines also provide safer conditions for strength training beginners.

Recommended training programme for beginners at Planet FitnessFitness Centre

We advise you to run several times a week as soon as possible. It allows you to take a big step forward in your fitness and make exercise an integral part of your lifestyle. Don’t forget that you always need to warm up your body and muscles before training. And even though many people don’t know it, the cooling of the body after each session is actually just as important. It’s easy to do – you can, for example, wait a few minutes on a treadmill. Are you warmed up yet? Awesome! Now let’s move on to the simplest but most effective workout at your first visit to the gym.

Heart training

Approach the cardio machine, such as an elliptical or treadmill, and work with it for about 25 minutes. You can set this number freely for as long as possible. Start gradually and slowly. Set the speed, resistance and slope to any value. As we said before, cardio equipment is a good way to start your routine and learn about exercise equipment and the environment. They also offer a manageable volume of exercises for beginners. You can push the limits of your training as you wish, but make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable or not breathing.

Lower body training

Now let’s move on to the lower-body muscle groups. They play an important role in various daily activities such as jogging, stairs and recovery. Do a few exercises – from buttock lifts, calf lifts to fixed protrusions and box squats – to strengthen quadriceps, buttocks and hamstrings. These are access procedures designed to help newcomers improve their lower body.

Upper body training

To compensate for everything, you also have to make an effort in the upper body. When you visit Planet Fitness for the third time, do these exercises three times:


Put on a little weight, and then sit on the chair. Her hips must be under the cushions. Grab the bar while holding your hand wide open and make sure your hands are away from your shoulders. Pull the bar up to chin height while maintaining a small back angle. Slowly return the tiller to its initial position. You’ve now completed the repetition. Try to do 10 rehearsals and take a break.

High beam

Start by placing your knees and hands on the floor with your back parallel to the floor. It’s called a desk job. Once your posture has stabilized, stretch your legs backwards until your whole body forms a straight line from heel to head. Now bend the abdominal muscles to cause a heartbeat. Stay in this position for about 15 seconds, then slowly get down on your knees and return to the ground.

Last words

It is essential to get off to a good start for those who want to benefit from their gym membership.
We hope that with the above information about Planet Fitness equipment and how to start training at Planet Fitness, you can begin your fitness journey with maximum confidence.

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